Adaptive Aquatic Program

Our special approach to each and every child.

Swim Lessons

Jr’s Swim School provides group and private swim lessons for children with cognitive and/or physical delays, as well as sensory challenges. Our specially trained staff implements unique strategies to help children learn to swim as comfortably and quickly as possible. Each lesson is tailored towards the child’s specific needs allowing us to focus on overcoming the difficult obstacles presented. Through our fun and challenging activities, Jr’s Swim School helps children with special needs reach their fullest potential in the water.

Sensory classes

Jr’s Swim School offers private & semi-private Sensory Classes. During these sessions instructors focus in on addressing a child’s sensory needs giving desired input when necessary. While parents find these classes to be beneficial in the water, many notice their children’s speech and motor planning to be much more organized after these sessions as well. During these classes we also work on improving each child’s motor skills, body awareness, and core strength. We are happy to collaborate with other professional’s involved in your child’s outside therapies to discuss goals and progress.

Our Process

We have a special way of teaching your child!


We are glad you have decided to get your child swimming safely! We will gather all information needed, including details about your child.

Plan Development

We have gone through extensive special needs aquatic training that allows us to implement unique strategies that are not used in typical swim lessons. We take the time necessary to learn about your child’s likes/dislikes, behaviors, routines and learning styles. Gaining this personal knowledge about your child helps us create a customized lesson plan that will lead to success!

Water skills

Here at Jr’s Swim School we have sensory-friendly equipment that can be used throughout the developed plan. The tools that we utilize will provide comfort and sensory input to those who seek it. However, we also have a separate set of equipment for our sensory-avoiders that don’t respond as well to “touch”. We believe that with the right people and proper tools, every child can enjoy the water safely.

Jr’s Swim Schools Promise:


As your instructor, I promise to always treat you with dignity and respect. I recognize that simple tasks may give you difficulty. I promise to assist you in accomplishing such tasks while still promoting independence. I have a great working knowledge of your challenges, yet I always try to learn more. I see you as a capable human being with thoughts and feelings of your own. You often communicate in ways that are unique to you, and they are valid. I promise to keep you safe, content, and always promote feelings of positive self esteem.