Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many lessons will it take my child to learn to swim?

    Although our goal is to get your child swimming in a timely manner, everybody learns at their own pace. The sooner you get your little one enrolled, the more progress you are likely to see as they age. We recommend signing up for 2-3 lessons per week if you are looking for FAST progress. 1 on 1 time with our instructors will help your child reach their fullest potential in a fun and inviting way!

  • How long are the lessons?

    Each lesson is a total of 30 minutes long for most effective results. We have found that any less time than that isn’t quite enough, and any more time than that may exhaust the child.

  • What ages do you teach?

    We teach from ages 3 months to adults. We suggest that mom or dad joins us in the water for ages 3 months-1.5 years for comforting purposes. The sooner you enroll your child the more comfortable and eager they will be to swim. The longer you wait, the greater chance you risk of your child having a strong fear of the water. Just about all ages are welcome and we encourage you to start sooner than later!

  • What if my child is petrified of water?

    It is normal for your child to feel anxious being in the water if they don’t know the basics yet. Thats okay! We are highly qualified to get rid of that fear and ease your little one into comfort. Don’t feel ashamed if your child puts up a fight and cries the first few lessons, it’s all a part of the learning experience and will get better with time and consistency.

  • What is my child is non-verbal?

    We have highly qualified staff to work with kids with disabilities regardless of their speech abilities. Some children are required to be in private lessons if we think that is how they will excel best. Each lesson is tailored to your child’s needs, so we ask that you fill out our secondary form if your child has special needs. It asks questions such as how your child learns best and how they respond to discipline. Verbal or not, we are happy to take your child in the water!